WHOLOCK (Mischung aus "Doctor Who" und "Sherlock") ist ein von dem YouTube-Kanal AVbyte hochgeladener Song, der zu ihrer Reihe "The Musical" gehört und im Jahr 2014 hochgeladen wurde.

Das Lied, in dem Travis Kent als Sherlock und Sean Welsh Brown als Doctor Who singen, widmet das Lied ebenjenen beiden Serien, wobei ein Crossover thematisiert wird.

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I've been thinking, Mister Holmes
You're a very clever man
You have proven to see clues in ways
No humans usually can

I've been watching for a while
And I think you could be right
See I need a new companion
Someone brilliant, someone bright

To assist me as we drift in time and space
Help me fight the dangers will may face

Come on Sherlock
Come with me

Now excuse me, Doctor... (*Pause*) Who?
Well, I don't know who you are
But you're looking at the greatest mind
There's ever been, by far

See I am one doctor short<br And I guess you're something new
What say you come work for me
And we will see what you can do

You'll assist me with the mysteries I trace
Help me fight the dangers we may face

Come on Doctor
Come with me

Shouldn’t you be my assistant, if anything? I mean...
You're a baby
Next to me
I've been at this for centuries

Sure you're older
Soon you'll drop
And you're slower up top

Precisely why...
There's no doubt that
I'm the number one!

I'm a genius
I save planets
Clear to see
Don't you see
Don't rely on technology, what is this?
With technology

You're a psycho
Straight up daft

No actually it's...
Highly functioning sociopath
That's why
Come on Sherlock
Let's give it a try

You and I
We could fly
Way up high
We'd be second to none

You're insane
You're the same
It is done
We'll unite as one!

We're a duo now at last
We'll crack every case we find
We're the greatest team there is Now that our powers are combined

Every criminal will run
Every criminal will run
They can run but they can't hide
Run but they can't hide
We'll see through most any clue Because
Now you are by my side

You'll assist me as we drift through time and space
You'll assist me with the mysteries I trave
Help me fight the dangers we may face
We'll face them

Come on let's unite
Come, Come on let's unite
As one! <center></small>

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WHOLOCK - The Musical

WHOLOCK - The Musical